Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm Growing

What a good nap! I have done a lot of napping today after my shots. Mommy says it is because of my Tylenol. I love it! It is grape flavored and so sweet and yummy. I was so brave when I got my shots that I hardly cried at all. I now weigh 11 pounds and 13 ounces. I am 22.5 inches long. Daddy told me that I am already 1/3 of Mommy's height! I am still not on that silly growth curve yet! Maybe at my 6 month check-up I will be. My doctor is not worried. She says I will catch up. I am eating well! Dr. Debi says Mommy and Daddy can feed me rice cereal now. And I can eat vegetables and fruits too! Mommy bought some green beans at the store for me to try next week. I can hardly wait! I am sure Daddy will take pictures of me eating. I will share them with you soon. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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