Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Orange Beach - Day 1

We made it to the beach!!

My preschool teacher, Miss Donna, asked me to bring her a seashell.
I found the perfect one!

Now, let's go see the water!

Sweet feet.

Sand castle time!

Then I swam in the pool with Daddy.

I can't wait for day 2!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Mommy's second born fur-baby, Peaches, has been very sick. She had to spend 2 nights at the vet's office. She stopped eating and drinking. The vet ran all kinds of tests and found nothing wrong. She came home yesterday and has slowly started eating again. She is still not feeling well. Mommy and Daddy have warned me not to pet her - to leave her alone. I just couldn't stand it any longer . . . while Mommy was putting the groceries away and Daddy was out of the room, I did it. I petted her. This is what happened. . .

I cried and cried. My feelings were hurt more than anything. I'll be glad when Peaches is well (not that she will let me pet her then either :)

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to the sweetest mommy in the whole wide world.

Who's That Lady?

Mommy took me grocery shopping this afternoon after we played at the park. We were in the dairy section when a lady walked up to us. She was old - really old and wrinkly. She had very large glasses. Her hair was in rollers (for church tomorrow I am sure) and her hair and her rollers were covered with a scarf. She had a very deep scratchy voice (Mommy said she surely is a smoker and has been for years). She told me how beautiful I was and how much I reminded her of her granddaughter. Mommy asked her how old her granddaughter was. She smiled and said "Oh she is grown now," and went on talking about how they grow up and move away and break your heart - whatever that means. I told her goodbye and that it was nice to meet her. As we were walking away, I looked at Mommy very seriously and said, "What was he, a pirate?" Mommy absolutely lost it . . . she laughed hysterically at me. I was serious . . . he/she looked and sounded just like a pirate to me. Later, in the bread aisle, we walked by the lady again. She said, "Tell your Mama she needs to get you into the movies. You are beautiful." I politely said, "Thank you" without even being prompted. Then as we walked away, I looked at Mommy and said "There's that pirate again!" Mommy cracked up again (after she double checked to make sure we were out of earshot of the sweet lady).

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


The "tarnaball" comes to town at Fish Fry time! I went with Amelia, Ms. Sharon, Nana, and Mommy. The weather was yucky! It had rained off and on all day, but Mommy and I had talked about how much fun it would be to go to the carnival this year. There was a break in the heavy rain, so we decided to go. We got sprinkled on just a little.
This was my favorite ride!

Amelia talked me into riding the roller coaster. I was relieved when it was over!

Nana rode this with me.

And this too (I was in a blue dragon)!

Maybe next year I'll ride this one (or maybe when I'm 25).

I had fun at the carnival despite the sprinkles (and the roller coaster).

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Fish Fry Fun

Papa and Nana went with me and Mommy to the Fish Fry Parade! I borrowed Papa's sunglasses!

What is on your hat, Nana? I like it!

Papa got me a surprise! What is it?

Forget the parade . . . I have a bubble gun!