Friday, February 22, 2008

20 Months Old!

Can you believe it? Only 4 more months until I'm a "terrible two!" I went to see Dr. Debi today because my ears are still hurting. She warned Mommy last time that if I still had fluid in my ears that we would need to talk about tubes. Mommy was not too happy about this. Do you know anything about ear tubes? Good or bad? If you do, please let my Mommy and Daddy know by posting a comment, or sending an e-mail. Dr. Debi says my ears are not infected or even red this time (yet), but they are full of fluid. We have an appointment with an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist in Paducah on Thursday. Daddy has done some research online about ear infections today. He read that babies who are older than 10 months and still use pacis are more likely to get ear infections. He also read that drinking from sippy cups with valves also cause ear infections - or at least make them worse. So guess what that means for me? Bye-bye paci. Yes, cold turkey (whatever that means). I do miss paci and was signing "more" as Mommy was rocking me to sleep tonight, but I do have my lovie, so I think I'll be alright. I 'll keep you posted! Mommy also took the valve out of my sippy cup today. I almost drowned while getting a drink - haha . . . not really. It took me a few drinks to get used to it without the valve. Now I can dump my drink out all over the floor and spill it in my highchair tray - yay!! What a day. . . Please don't forget to post a comment or send an e-mail if you know ANYTHING at all about ear tubes. Mommy and Daddy say thanks!


Katie said...


My mommy is getting with her friend whose son Jack has had tubes 2. SHe will get back with you, sorry about the paci.... that is rough.

Hopefully I will be at Baby Club on the 4th, you all are having lot of fun without me.


Emilee Odette Garrett said...

Dr. Kevin says to tell your Mommy and Daddy that lots and lots of little ones get ear tubes. He says it's a small procedure and they will help. Keep us posted! (Oh, and we've found that the terrible twos arrive much sooner than the actual second birthday.)