Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fish Fry Festivities

I wasn't able to go to the Grand Parade Friday, but Mommy took me to do some fun things on Saturday. First, we went to the Small Fry Parade. Lots of my friends were in the parade - maybe next year Mommy will let me be in it! After the Small Fry Parade, we went to the Catfish Races on the Courthouse lawn. There were lots of people there. We couldn't really see and I got really impatient, so Mommy and I decided to leave. Next, we went to the Fairgrounds to see the Budweiser Clydesdales. When we first got there, the Clydesdales were not in their pens. Their keepers said they were "on a walk and would be back in a minute." Mommy and I went to the Arts and Crafts Show while we waited on the horses. We were lucky to get a close-up look as they headed back to their pens. When they walked by I tried to say "hi" to them, but they didn't talk back!

After all that excitement, I had to go home and take a nap. . . but my fun for the day wasn't over! It was such a beautiful day that Mommy took me to the park. This was by far my most favorite part of the day! I love the park. I especially love to climb! But Saturday, I almost gave my Mommy a heart attack . . . I climbed up the steps of the playground equipment - as usual. But when I got to the top platform, instead of reaching for Mommy to sit down and slide with me, I laid down on my belly, scooted to the big slide feet first, and went down all by myself! I was as shocked as Mommy was at first. Then I laughed hysterically (Mommy did not) and did it again and again and again. Mommy was too mortified to get the camera out. Maybe on our next trip she will be brave enough to take a video of me being so big!!

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