Monday, September 01, 2008

Selmer Fun

Daddy went to the ballgame this weekend (Roll Tide) and Mommy, Nana and I went to Selmer. We did lots of fun things! We went to my cousins' farm and I got to hold a kitten! I was sooooo excited! My cousins, Rebekah and David, took me to see their ducks. Emily took me to see Stuart, the dog. Then, my cousins gave me a watermelon from their garden! YUMMY!

We also visited the house that Mama Flo grew up in - my great-great-grandfather's house. It is right down the road from the house she lives in now. Mama Flo is so excited to be fixing up her Mama and Daddy's house. It is going to be so cute! Don't you love the view from the porch?

When I got up Saturday morning, mommy looked out the bedroom window to see this . . . we ran downstairs to tell Mama Flo and Daddy Loren, but they were already at the sliding glass door watching!

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