Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mama Flo's House

I love my Mama Flo (aka Bo). When I go to her house, my favorite thing to do is to throw rocks in her ditch. The last time I went to visit, there was lots of water in the ditch. I like the "plunk" sound the rocks make when they hit the water.
Bo finds the perfect rocks for me . . .

. . . then I throw them . . .

. . . and throw them . . . all afternoon!

Nana watched me throw rocks too.

Papa says we are going to have to get a backhoe to get all of the rocks from the bottom of the ditch since I threw them all down!
My next favorite thing to do at Bo's is visit the house where she grew up. . .

. . . and swing on her porch swing!

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