Saturday, August 14, 2010

Frogs and Family

Mommy and Nana and I went to Selmer to visit Mama Flo. I love my Mama Flo!
We went to my cousins' house so Emily could measure me for my flower girl dress for Anna's wedding.
Stand up straight and tall! Anna wants it to be this long. My cousin, Melissa, is making the most beautiful wedding dress for Anna. I got to see it and Anna's veil too. How very exciting!
Besides visiting my cousins, and playing at Mama Flo's house, my favorite thing do to in Selmer is to go to Mama Flo's church and see the bullfrogs at the pond there, and play on the playground. See the frog?
These frogs are huge. Bigger than any frogs Mommy and I have ever seen. We love to walk around the outside of the pond. As we go around, the frogs jump in and make big splashes. Sometimes they make the funniest "PEEP" before jumping. It makes me laugh every time!

After walking around the pond, I played on the playground a while.

King (or Kingy, as I call him) is so happy to see me when we visit!

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