Saturday, December 04, 2010

Star of the Week

This week at school was very special! It was my Star Week at school. I got to bring Isaac the Monkey home.
Align CenterMommy picked some pictures of my family to take. Here are my friends, Aden and Carter, standing next to my poster.
I got to tell my friends about my favorite color (purple), my favorite foods (macaroni and cheese, cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, M&Ms), my favorite things to do (play Hide and Seek, play in the leaves, play on the computer, and paint), my favorite movie (Wow, Wow Wubbzy - Wubbzy Goes to School), and how Isaac and I spend our weekend together. I also got to share my favorite book (A Mouse About the House) and toy (small Gund stuffed animals - Pinkie pig, Tabitha cat, Stiggy zebra, Roberta hippo, Fifi dog) with my class.
Miss Connie gave me my Star Crown to wear!

I got to sit in Miss Angie's lap.
I also got to bring a Star Snack for my friends. I picked Cheetos, cupcakes, and grape Capri Suns. I really had a hard time choosing between cupcakes or donuts. I was so happy that Miss Nancy brought a special snack of donuts to celebrate Miss Connie's birthday! By the way . . . Miss Connie said I don't always sit with the boys, it was just a coincidence today!
I also got to lead my friends in the blessing before snack.

As Star of the Week, I also got to bring a Star Guest to entertain my friends. I picked my Mommy and Daddy. They decided to do a puppet show for me and my friends (this video is kind of long . . . about 8 minutes).

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