Friday, May 20, 2011

Flower Girl, Take Four

These are my cousins, Cade and Kaitlin. Their Mommy (Aunt Stephie) asked me to be her flower girl. When my Mommy was a little girl, she was supposed to be Aunt Stephie's flower girl, but she got the chicken pox and was not able to. AND, Kaitlin was Mommy and Daddy's flower girl!

Isn't my dress so cute?

Chloe, Aunt Stephie, Kaitlin, and Ashley. These girls are Aunt Stephie's beautiful daughters. Isn't Stephie a beautiful bride?

I did a great job of sprinklng petals down the aisle. Mommy was glad this church wasn't huge, and that she was close to me, because as soon as I got to the front I whispered in my LOUDEST whisper voice "I DIDN'T USE ALL OF MY PETALS. I HAVE SOME LEFT"
During the ceremony, I turned around and whispered "I'M VERY HUNGRY!" Mom was not amused. A few minutes later, I decided to sit down. See how ladylike? I put the basket under my poofy skirt for a minute until my cousins talked me into taking it out. See their faces?
I was a little naughty during this wedding. Probably a good thing this was not my first flower girl experience, or it might have been my last!
Oh, and one more thing, remember the left over flower petals? I dropped them down the aisle on my way out!

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