Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Today was my first Kindermusik class. I had a great time! The class is called "Sing and Sign." I am going to learn more sign language! My teacher's name is Ms. Elaine. She sang a song with my name in it! I thought she was amazing! I made some new friends - and my good friend Caroline came too!
Ms. Elaine was teaching me the sign for ball.

Ms. Elaine blew bubbles. I loved them. Mommy says she will blow bubbles with me at home! My new friend Campbell jumped right when Mommy snapped this picture! Funny, huh?

Ms. Elaine took me for a fun ride on this blanket. When she stopped, she showed me the sign for stop. Then she showed me the sign for more. Guess what? I already know that sign! I signed "more" and Ms. Elaine told me I earned an A+ for the day!

Caroline, it's your turn!

Here is a video of me and all of my new friends learning "ball" and "more/again." Watch when I walk back to Mommy and you can see me signing more!

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