Thursday, March 12, 2009

Princess In-Training

I have a very exciting upcoming event . . . you will have to check my blog after Saturday to see what . . . but I will give you a hint . . . it involves princesses! Mommy got me this Cinderella dress to wear.

I'm not too sure about it.

It's ITCHY and I want to take it off!!!!! Miss Katie warned Mommy about this!

Mommy had an idea . . .

. . . MUCH better! Do princesses wear turtlenecks? This one does!

Mommy's friend Becky let me borrow her Cinderella movie so I could learn about just who this Cinderella person is.

Ok, Mommy, enough pictures!

1 comment:

Caroline said...

I think ALL princesses wear turtlenecks!

Love- Caroline!