Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I absolutely DO NOT under any circumstances like bugs. I don't like to hear them, or see them, or especially feel them crawling on me. I made Mama Kaye take me inside after one landed on my arm. We were on a walk and I was so upset about that bug landing on me that I made her carry me back to the house. I didn't go outside for the rest of the day. Another time I was playing soccer with Amelia and Daddy and Mr. Chris (Amelia's Daddy) when a bug found me. I cried and made Daddy put me in the car and leave the park. I just don't like them! Mommy told me about a special kind of bug called a lightning bug. We have looked at these bugs out the window for several days. When we went outside, Mommy caught one in her hand and let it crawl around. She told me I could hold it and it wouldn't hurt me at all. I didn't buy it . . . Mommy ended up catching a bunch of those bugs and put them in a jar for me.

This is as close to those bugs as I could stand to get. Mommy handed me the jar, but I threw it down.

Who needs bugs????? Not me!

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