Tuesday, June 16, 2009


After we went to St. Louis we went to Gatlinburg! The highlight of our trip to the mountains was seeing real live bears in the wild at Cades Cove. Daddy didn't get to go on this trip. He had to work. I went with Mommy, Nana, Papa, and Mama Flo. Aunt Judy and Uncle Phil met us there! When Mommy told Daddy about getting out of the cars to see the bears he told Mommy we are now "officially crazy." Crazy or not, the bears were amazing!
The first bear we saw was a cub napping in a tree.

A little later we saw this one in a field. Someone said there were 3 cubs in a tree across the field, but we couldn't see them. Can you see them?

Then came the most exciting part! A mama and baby crossing the road! Here comes Mama Bear.

Baby Bear wasn't too far behind.

Mama Bear is soliciting donations!

Here comes Baby Bear.

After the bears crossed the road, Aunt Judy left the bears a donation! Mama Bear is almost as tall as Aunt Judy!

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