Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I am Cinderella and I am going Trick-or-Treating!

I wore my fancy Cinderella slippers (Mommy carried my tennis shoes just in case).

Guess what? Just down the hill I asked for my tennis shoes! Slippers are tough to Trick-or-Treat in! I know just how Cinderella felt when she lost hers! I lost mine about 12 times just walking down the hill.

NOW! I am READY for this Trick-or-Treat business Mommy has been telling me about! I was so surprised at our first stop. I rang the doorbell and Mr. Lovett came and opened his front door. I said "Trick or Treat!" and guess what he did?? He put candy in my basket! This is Trick-or-Treating?! WOW! (I did look at Mommy and gasp and say "He put candy in my basket!" She just laughed!)

These are my jack-o-lanterns. I asked Mommy for a kitty cat and a puppy dog . . . and here they are!

There are no pictures of me helping Mommy carve the pumpkins because I didn't help her! I reached my hand in that sticky gooey pumpkin one time and said "ewwwwwww." That was enough pumpkin carving for me! Happy Halloween!

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