Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Jeremy and Tamsyn's Wedding

We went to Chattanooga for Mommy's cousin's wedding. Jeremy and Tamsyn got married at on the Southern Belle Riverboat.

Jeremy and Tamsyn's flower girl, Katie, and I were fast friends! When I walked down the aisle holding Katie's hand, Tamsyn decided she wanted me to be in the wedding too. Mommy and I decided we had time to find a dress before the wedding.

You see, this is important and special to my Mommy because she was in Jeremy's mommy's and daddy's wedding (Aunt Judy and Uncle Phil) 28 years ago.

Here are Jeremy, Tamsyn, and Uncle Phil at the rehearsal dinner. Sticky Fingers is the name of the restaurant. When Mommy told me this is where we were going, I said "YUCK! I don't want sticky fingers! Sticky Fingers are yucky!"

Katie, Jeremy, and me!

Here is the dress we found. Tamsyn said it was perfect! Isn't she beautiful?

Nana thinks it's perfect too.

Here we are!

This is Newman, the ring bearer. He liked my dress too.

Cousin Sarah

This is Allie, Aunt Judy's sister Lori's daughter. I loved playing with her.

Papa and Bryant, Jeremy's brother.

Me and Aunt Judy

Aunt Judy and Uncle Phil

Aunt Judy and me before the wedding.

It's almost time!

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Smith

Now, let's DANCE!

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