Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Old Lady Golfing" With Papa

On Sunday afternoons, sometimes I go visit my Papa at work. He always takes time to play with me and we have so much fun! Last week, he took me to see a bird nest. Sometimes he spins me around and around in his chair. He plays hide-and-seek, and my favorite, the tickle-chase game. Papa has a cup full of bouncy balls on his desk that I always dump out on the floor and play with. This week I found some golf tees while I was chasing bouncy balls around his office. Papa and I played a new game today!
First, you have to put a bouncy ball on the golf tee.

Here's a closer look (if you were wondering, yes, my Papa uses a SpongeBob pencil :) )

Then, you knock the bouncy ball, or "old lady" as I called it today, off. Then you chase the bouncy ball around the floor yelling, "Come back here, you old lady." Then, you do it again!

You can also use your fist or a poster tube to knock the "old lady" off the tee.

It was a fun game that I am sure I will play again and again with my Papa!

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