Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Holy Cross Catholic Preschool

Today was my first day at Holy Cross. My teacher, Miss Angie, came to my house to visit me shortly after I was born. I have been on the waiting list for Holy Cross since that visit. Miss Angie is special to Mommy because she taught kindergarten at the school where my Mommy taught, and Mommy had her youngest son as a student when he was in 1st grade. Holy Cross is the best preschool around!
As soon as I got to school, Mommy signed me in and I found my cubby and put my things away.
My face says it all here! I am beyond excited to be at Holy Cross today!
I put my picture in the pocket chart to tell Miss Angie I'm here.
Then I was off to play with my friends, Macey and Olivia. They both go to church with me. Soon after Mommy snapped this picture, we spotted Peter, the gerbil. I love him! I was so busy watching him that I wasn't even sad to see Mommy go. I had a great day!

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