Friday, September 10, 2010


Yesterday I had an ear appointment in Paducah. Mommy, Daddy and I drove through Murray on the way home. I was reading signs and the following conversation took place . . .

Me: I'm hungry.
Mommy: We'll get something to eat as soon as we get home.
Me: I want to go to a restaurant.
Mommy: laughs (because we rarely go out to eat), I will cook you some macaroni and cheese when we get home.
Me: Restaurants have macaroni and cheese.
Daddy: We don't have any money to go to a restaurant right now.
Me: whine, ok.

We got home and Mommy fixed my favorite, macaroni and cheese. Then it was bath time and bed time. While mommy was rocking me, this was our conversation (by the way, yes, I am 4, and yes, my Mommy still rocks me to sleep). . .

Me: Mommy, we can use some money from my piggy bank to go to a restaurant.
Mommy: laughs and hugs me, Oh Allie, that is so sweet. I think we can find some money to go to a restaurant, we don't have to use your money.
Me: It's otay, we can just dump out some money from my bank.

When I got home from school today, Daddy had already left for Alabama. He left me a note and $2o to take Mommy to a restaurant. I was so excited! After I called and thanked Daddy, Mommy and I discussed which restaurant we would go to.
Mommy: Do you want to go to a restaurant where you can eat pizza or macaroni and cheese.
Me: Macaroni and cheese!
Mommy: Hmmmm . . . I can't think of a restaurant that has macaroni and cheese.
Me: How 'bout that one we went to for your birthday . . . you know, the one with the animals (that is Patti's, by the way - a special occasion only restaurant).
Mommy: It takes a long time to drive to Patti's
Me: How 'bout the one we went to with Lori? It had macaroni and cheese (that one was in Jackson . . . O'Charley's).
Mommy: laughing her head off, That one takes a long time to get to too.
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Mommy thought it was hysterical that my choices of restaurants were Patti's and O'Charley's. No McDonald's or Taco Bell or Chuck E. Cheese for me. Not even close this time! Mommy called 3 restaurants in town before finding one that serves macaroni and cheese. We ended up going to Ace's Pizza. Nana joined us. I was one happy girl.

Mommy: Allie, how is your macaroni and cheese?
Me: FANTASTIC! (yes, I really used this word)

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mitzih said...

i LOVE this story. sooo sweet!!