Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Fun in the Snow

I didn't go to school yesterday because I had a fever and Mommy took me to the doctor. I have a virus and I'm feeling much better today. When we got home from the doctor's office, I really wanted to play in the snow, but Mommy wouldn't let me since I was sick. She did let me catch a couple of snowflakes on my tongue!

When I got up today, Mommy and I went out to play!

Mommy and I love how the sun makes the snow sparkle.
We made a snowman and gave him a carrot nose.

Then I made snow angels . . . .lots and lots of snow angels!

I had so much fun!

Before we went inside, we scooped up some snow for snowcream!

I got a warm bath and put my pj's back on.

A little sugar,
add some milk and vanilla and stir it up.
Next, we added the snow.
We needed a bigger bowl!
We have enjoyed our snow day!

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