Saturday, February 05, 2011

Roller Skating

I went roller skating for the very first time today! The roller skating rink in town just reopened. It was open a long time ago, when Mommy was a little girl. She liked going roller skating and decided to take me. We met Amelia and her Mommy and Nanny there. Oh, and Amelia brought her penguin along.
Wow! I can do this!

I was a little alarmed when they turned off the house lights and turned on the disco lights. Once I realized it was okay, I said, "Wow, this is awesome!" That is exactly what my Mommy was thinking too.

I did the Hokey Pokey! It was lots of fun!
Align Center

Then, I did the Limbo! Here I am following Amelia under the Limbo stick.
We made it! Can you believe I did this?

This is what happened when we Limboed lower

After I fell on my rear, and the guy blew his whistle at me, I cried big, fat tears. I really, really wanted to be the winner. I tried to be a good sport for Amelia, but I just couldn't stop crying. She was the Limbo winner!

I'm planning to win next week!

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