Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holy Cross Egg Hunt

Today I had my first real Easter Egg hunt of the year. Mommy and I have been hiding eggs and hunting them for weeks, but this was the real thing . . . lots of eggs with candy inside and hunting with preschool friends! Here is Ms. Angie getting us all lined up and ready to hunt.

Ms. Angie is so wonderful. She explained to everyone that God gave us all different gifts . . . and running speeds, and that not all of us would be as fast at collecting eggs as others. She told us what an image of God we would be if we saw that a friend had not gathered as many eggs as we had, and we shared our eggs with them. It was so sweet after the hunt to see my friends looking around at eachothers baskets and sharing eggs. Everyone got lots of eggs!

On the hunt!

This is "my sweet buddy" Jasmine.

Did you notice my cute shirt? Mama Kaye embriodered it for me!
This egg was my favorite! An ice cream cone Easter Egg! Sadly, it did not have ice cream inside, just jelly beans! I'll settle for jelly beans.

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