Saturday, March 22, 2008

Breakfast With the Easter Bunny

Mommy took me to church today. I didn't even have to sit still and be quiet! I got to have breakfast with the Easter Bunny! I met Amelia there. We had a great time! First, I tried a donut. I didn't like it at all. I spit it out! Next I played some fun games and won some prizes. Then I went on an egg hunt. I found two eggs and was very pleased with myself! Last, I met my new friend, Mr. Easter Bunny. Wow . . . I sure do love that guy. There weren't many kids around when I went to see him, so I spent some extra time with him. I hugged him, patted him, rocked him, gave him five, shook his hand, and sat in his lap. While I was doing all of this, the paparazzi showed up. Not only was Mommy taking pictures, but also a photographer for the newspaper AND a photographer for a local magazine! I felt like a movie star! Aunt Lori and Braden came in as we were getting ready to go. Braden played games and got his picture taken too! We had a wonderful time!

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Katie said...


Looks like you had a VERY fun Easter! I will not see you until next week Mom and Dad are working this week! Hope you have a good week!
Love- Caroline