Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Today I had my ear tube surgery. I had to be at the hospital at 6:15 this morning! Dr. Kest was able to put a tube in my left ear, but not my right one. He said my ear canals are very tiny. He made an incision in my right eardrum that will allow my ear to vent and drain, but he was afraid he would damage my ear drum by trying to make the tube go in. After the surgery, I came home and slept until 1:00! This afternoon I woke up with a smile and was ready to eat! I had wheat toast with peanut butter and strawberries (my new favorite food). Mommy didn't think to take the camera to the hospital, but she did take a few pictures with her camera phone.
Here I am sitting with Daddy - we both have sleepy eyes! 6:15 is EARLY!

Here I am relaxing before my surgery. I got to take home this pretty pillowcase and gown!

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Katie said...

I am so glad your ear surgery went well! I know you will feel better now! See you soon.
Your Pal-