Saturday, May 16, 2009

Planting Flowers

Mommy and Nana and I went to Selmer for the Mother Daughter Banquet at Mama Flo's church last week. Mommy and I were lucky and won these pretty flowers - they are one of Mommy's favorites.

I decided we should plant the flowers so we can enjoy them all summer. We have this empty planter that the neighborhood cats use as a litter box.

We went to Wildwood Nursery to pick out a few more things. I had a blast at the nursery. Mommy has seen signs that say "If you break it you buy it" in fancy gift shops. She said she was glad they didn't have a "If you PICK it you buy it" at the nursery!!! The gardeners had just finished watering the plants so there were lots of puddles. Not only did I have thousands of plants to explore, I also had puddles to splash in while looking. Mommy turned around to pick up a plant she liked and since she wasn't looking, I decided to sit in one of those puddles! It felt great! I had to take my pants and shoes off before Mommy would let me get in the car.

When we came home, we emptied out all of the kitty litter, I mean the old potting soil.

Then we put in new flowers and new potting soil. I was sure the potting soil on my hands was chocolate cake crumbs and I tried licking it off several times, but Mommy wouldn't let me! She said it was dirt! And guess what? I tried a taste while she wasn't looking and it WAS dirt. Hmm! Here is our planter all finished. It's not a masterpiece like MiMi or Mama Kaye would create, but it's a good first attempt AND we had FUN!!!!!

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