Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tricycle Time

Amelia and I took our tricycles to the park today!

Since I end up falling on my head every time I get on my tricycle in the house (yes - including today before we left for the park), Mommy and Daddy thought a helmet was a good idea for outside.

This warning on Amelia's tricycle made Mommy laugh out loud. Is this really necessary? Really? You might have to click on it to make it bigger so you can read it.

Amelia and I traded for a while.

We decided pushing is easier than peddling.

Then we decided to rest a while. Amelia turned our helmets into "babydoll swings."

Next, we decided to go grocery shopping.

See our purses?

Then we headed back to the car. I helped Miss Sharon push Amelia's tricycle while Amelia carried the baby doll swings/purses/helmets and sunglasses, and Mommy carried my tricycle and snapped pictures! Fun!!!

1 comment:

mamakaye said...

Hi Allie, I was so surprised to see you have an orange helmet until I clicked on the picture and I saw George then I understood the orange helmet. So cute.
Love Ya,
Mama Kaye