Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bored in the Basement

We had a bad storm a few days ago so we headed down to the basement. We can't even hear it raining when we are down there. I was bored so Mommy looked through her teaching stuff that is in the basement (you know she doesn't have her own classroom since she is working part-time so all of her teaching tools are in the basement - Daddy is not thrilled about this and makes her throw her stuff out as often as he can . . . but this is another story for another day). Mommy found a package of these magic-tablet-thingies that Mama Kaye gave her for her kids at school a long time ago. You put them in warm water and let them soak a while.

Pretty soon a creature pops out.

I had elephants and rhinos and giraffes and anteaters and leopards and monkeys. I had so much fun playing with them that Mommy let me bring them upstairs.

I squeezed the water out of them and lined them up on the cookie sheet. When they were all out of the water, I just started over again and put them back in the water. I played with them for a long time! I'm glad Mommy didn't throw these away!

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