Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kookin' with Kathy

Miss Kathy is the Children's Ministries Director at my church. I love her. Each Wednesday afternoon she cooks with the children of my church! Today Mommy let me go cook with Kathy! This is Miss Kathy and the kids. She told us we would be making grilled cheeses and peanut butter cookies.

This is Mrs. Ross. See all of the crusts she and Mr. Ross cut off?

Mr. Ross and Miss Kathy helped me make my grilled cheese.

Here is Amelia making her grilled cheese. She was not too sure about it!

YUM (notice the ketchup??????)

While the cookies were baking we sang some songs and played some games. This was the first time I heard about Father Abraham.

And this was my first Duck Duck Goose game.

Then it was cookie time!

I love playing with my big friends, Seth, Kaitlyn and Caroline.

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