Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mama Flo's

I got to spend some time at my Mama Flo's (my great-grandmother) house this past week. I had a wonderful time. We went to visit my cousins who live on a farm. Their blueberries and blackberries are beginning to ripen and they let me pick some!

This is Rebekah. She stayed at Mama Flo's with me one night. We played and played and played!
I ate the berries straight off of the bush. I wish we had a blueberry bush at my house!

Here are the blackberries. I liked them too, but not as well as the blueberries.
Rebekah showed me how to pick the berries that were ripe.

While I was at Mama Flo's, I also made chocolate chip cookies for my Papa.

We found this turtle who we decided was very smart. He only poked his head out of his shell a tiny bit the whole time I was playing outside! As soon as I got close to him he hid!
I had lots of fun at Mama Flo's and I am looking forward to going back!

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