Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Barnyard

While Daddy was at the A-Day game, Mommy and I went to The Barnyard. It it way, way, way out in the sticks!

I fed the sheep,

and this pig,

and a goat.

I did NOT feed this donkey, he was too loud! HEEHAW!!!!!

I fed this piglet a bottle!

Can you believe I rode this pony . . . twice? I did ask Mommy to hold my hand though.

Hi, kid!

This turkey gobbled at me as loud as the donkey heehawed!

Llama, llama!

Look at this sweet chick!

I told Mommy I wanted to hold that gray one . . .

I reached right down and picked him up!

I loved on the bunnies.

After playing with all of the animals, I decided to play on the playground.

Before leaving, Mommy and I enjoyed a popsicle.

The Barnyard, in Tuscaloosa, AL, is a great place to visit!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Cute pictures, Amy! It looks like y'all had fun.