Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Slide Into Spring" Trip

On Spring Break last week, the children of my church took a trip called Slide Into Spring. We went to Chuck E. Cheese - it's about an hour and a half from church. On the way, we stopped at 5 parks. We got out of the church vans and went down the slides at the parks as quickly as we could, then ran back to the vans. Here we are getting out of the vans . . .

. . . racing to the slides!

I went down the slide with Ms. Sharon (Amelia's Mommy)!

And I went down this one with her too.

Here are my church friends who went on the trip.

Pizza time!


I loved playing air hockey.

Love this guy, too!

My favorite part of this trip was the ride home. Amelia and I laughed and laughed every time we went over a bump - maybe just to stay awake! I went to sleep in the car between church and home (that's about a 3 minute ride)!

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