Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Anna's Wedding

The Rehearsal:

I had music and an audience. You know what that means . . .

All of the important people got a card with directions for the rehearsal and wedding.

Just practice!

Wedding Day:

Rebekah helped me with my sash.
Emily and Melissa made my dress. Isn't it beautiful?
Talking with Amanda
This is fun, but I would rather be playing out there!
Me and the girls!
Beautiful Anna and Mama Flo
The real thing . . .

Uncle Doug giving Anna away.
You might not be able to tell from this picture unless Mommy tells you, but at this point in the wedding ceremony, I am praying. Here, I have just finished praying and am making the Sign of the Cross (that I learned at preschool), pointing to my forehead, and then pointing to my chest (when Mommy snapped this picture) and saying "In the name of the Fadduh, the Son," then I crossed myself and said, "and the Holy Spirit." Then I put my hands together and said "Amen." Mommy asked me what I was praying about but I wouldn't tell her. Shortly after this, I had a huge yawn - or two. I would really liked to have stretched out on the floor right there and taken a nap. I ended up sitting with Mommy because I was so sleepy. I fell asleep before the wedding was over.
Being a flower girl is hard work.

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Corbett
Congratulations Anna and Steven!

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