Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween, Pardner!

Just to clarify . . . I am a girl cowBOY. Not a cowgirl. Got it?
Here is my candy bag!
Boots, chaps and cowboy hats…. nothing else matters.Well,except maybe a pink flower glow-stick and a red wagon too (Mommy and Nana pulled me this year).

I visited several houses in my neighborhood. Before saying trick-or-treat, my question to the person with the candy bowl was . . . "Do you have a puppy or a kitty?" Followed by . . . "What is his name?" And then the question that really made Mommy cringe . . . "Can I come in your house and see him/her?" I only asked to go in a couple of times, because Mommy explained to me that asking yourself in someone else's house is not nice manners. I just could not refrain from asking if the person with the candy bowl had a pet, and the name of the pet though! I met lots of puppies and kitties in my neighborhood this Halloween . . . oh, and I got lots of candy too! Happy Halloween!

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