Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Festival

We had Fall Festival at church and I got to wear my Halloween costume!
Please, please, don't call me a cowgirl. I am a cowBOY. I understand how you might be confused.
The costume parade
Me and Amelia
Audrey, a princess; Amelia, a fairy princess; and me, a cowboy!
This is my friend Ava's baby brother. His name is Aiden. His daddy brings him and Ava to preschool every morning. I would rather play with him than my friends! Isn't he cute?
Ava is also a princess!
There were games at the Fall Festival. My friend, Caitlyn, helped me golf.
I decorated a cookie with white icing . . .
. . .and a couple of sprinkles.
I painted a pumpkin.
And I did a cake walk.
Guess what? I won!
Next was bowling. What, Mom? I'm not supposed to kick the ball?
Oh . . . roll it like this.
I got lots of candy at the Fall Festival and I had a great time with my friends!

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