Friday, October 29, 2010

Mr. Ricky's Sorghum Mill

I got to visit another farm! Mr. Ricky is a bus driver at my other preschool. He has a sorghum mill on his farm. Here we are on the way to the bus!
Riding the bus is very exciting! Please note that I am wearing my seatbelt. Daddy was very happy about this!
When we got to Mr. Ricky's farm, his wife had a picnic lunch ready for us.
Here is my friend Conner telling me how delicious hot dogs taste. This is the one and only bite of hot dog I have ever eaten.
Ummmm . . . yum. . .
Please notice, all of my friends have finished and I am still eating. This happens to me all the time.
I didn't eat the hot dog, but the ketchup and bun were good!

This is a sorghum cane. The top is filled with seeds.
The seeds are planed in a field and the crop grows and looks like this.
Mr. Ricky cut down the stalks and cut off the leaves.
Next, he squeezed the juice out with this contraption.
See the juice going into the bucket?
This is the sorghum juice before it is cooked.
A closer look.
Mr.Ricky let us taste the green juice. It was sweet,
When Mr. Ricky was a boy, he did not have money for a jump rope. He and his brothers used the cane that had been through the press for a jump rope.
Next the juice goes into a vat. Mr. Ricky scoops out all the gunk that doesn't belong with this scoop. Next the juice is heated.
Then it changes to sorghum syrup and he pours it into containers like this.
We got to try the sorghum. I did not like the way it tasted! Mr. Ricky's wife made sorghum cookies and muffins. They were delicious! We also got to try vanilla ice cream with sorghum syrup. By the way, this is my sweet friend, Tyler, who brought me flowers at the beginning of the school year.

After our trip to Mr. Ricky's farm, we stopped at the park to play.

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