Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Holt Farm

The children of my church got to visit Holt Farm on Fall Break. I got to ride the bus with Caitlyn (Macey's big sister)! There was not room for Mommy on the bus so she followed in the car. Miss Kathy (our children's leader) was so nice to let me ride the bus. I cried and cried when I thought I had to ride in the car with Mommy. I still have my tissue in my hand
Amelia and me
Mr. Andy Holt taught us about plants.

And animals!

We went on a hayride to a pumpkin patch. But first, we stopped at a corn maze.

It was lots of fun!

We could be sisters.
At the pumpkin patch, when you find your pumpkin, you are supposed to raise your hand.
Mr. Andy picked my pumpkin off the vine. It's perfect!
Audrey made a corn angel (instead of a snow angel) in the corn pit.

Before time to go, I rode this train. That's right. . . train. Mommy tried to tell me it was a horse but I think she was a little confused.

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